Nathaniel Drew
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What I do:

I'm telling stories the only way I know how: authentically. Born out of a desire to connect with the people and cultures of the world, I have been filming and photographing my travels for the last four years.

Working both on my own and with teams around me, I know how to get the results you're looking for. 



Using social media

As a millennial, living in an increasing globalized world is the only reality I know. I have accrued millions of hits and tens of thousands of followers and subscribers across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When I say something, I make sure it's heard.


There are millions of content creators in the world today. However, I have yet to meet one that connects with audiences across three different languages the way I do. At first it was a means to maintain the strong connections I had forged during my travels and as a student of cultur. As time went on, I realized I had something special on my hands.