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These are some of my most highly coveted images captured during my travels. Each and every one has a story of a place and a time. Please take a moment to look and read things over.

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"Manhood" (Santiago, Chile)

"Manhood" (Santiago, Chile)

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Chills ran down my spine, but not from the cool Santiago breeze that swept by. There was an extraordinary sense of community that permeated the air. Men huddled and murmured to each other just feet away from me. They were building the base of a castell, the Catalan word for a human tower.

A community of people bonded together by a culture that came from the other end of the world were gathering around me to do something miraculous.

I could only watch in awe as these people performed physical feats that appeared impossible. Young boys and girls would climb onto this base of men and reach up towards the heavens in a display of human potential.

It surprised me how emotionally impacted I was by this spectacle. Humanity is certainly flawed, but we sure are capable of some amazing things too.

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