Nathaniel Drew


These are some of my most highly coveted images captured during my travels. Each and every one has a story of a place and a time.

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Engulfed (Quito, Ecuador)

Engulfed (Quito, Ecuador)

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From the moment that I landed in Equator, I was captivated by everything that I saw. At that point, I had already been to 7 Latin American countries. An yet it was a place that was utterly and completed unlike anywhere I had been before.

In the afternoons, something incredible often happens in the city of Quito. Due to the incredible altitude, the clouds will roll in over the mountains and engulf everything in site. It was like getting swept into a dream-like world.

Alone, looking out from the top of the massive Basílica Nacional de Quito, I was able to capture one such moment as it took place. Within the span of 60 seconds, the look of the entire city changed, leaving me peering in wonder. I feel very lucky to see what I saw and walk away with this image.