Nathaniel Drew


Every Frame a Painting


Case Study: Creating a Mood

Everything in life has a natural flow. This piece was created with a desire to explore flow in visual and auditory storytelling more deeply. My goal here was to take the equivalent of literary effusions and make them come to life through video. This is the result of that work.


Capturing the Intangible 

Feeling and emotion are sacred and are what give color to the human experience. Sharing what a personal journey looked or felt like is no simple task, and for many years through my childhood, these challenges led to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

As the final piece in the series entitled "What I Learned From the French," I was determined to overcome that obstacle and share a little piece of what I experienced when living abroad. 


Paying Homage to the Country that Made Me Who I Am

There is no country that has shaped who I am today more than France. Having lived there at a crucial period of my life, at the end of my youth, the country and its people catapulted me in a completely new life direction. 

This is part two in a series entitled "What I Learned From the French" that explores the biggest lessons I took away from this European nation.



A Turning Point

This piece was an incredibly exciting one to create. I threw myself from the known into a terrifying but fascinating new world of cinema and storytelling. This piece marks a turning point in my career, from normalcy to vibrancy. This is me.